A smart way to extend the life of your car.

Whenever you leave your car Parked outdoors is more than clear that you leave it exposed to all kinds of factors that can cause damage. The most efficient way to keep you protected from them starts with having the right equipment. A good way to protect your windshield from the elements is with a protective case, like the ones we present below. Take a look and choose your favorite:

1. Cover of windshield with modern design

The OxGord windshield cover has a modern design that adjusts to the measurements of your car’s windshield thanks to its eight-pointed magnets resistant to the wind. It also has a thermal membrane that dissipates cold.

This protector is ideal for you to keep the windshield of your car protected from snow, UV rays, wind, water and other elements that can accelerate its wear process.

2. Protector UV rays

A vehicle accessory that has a patented design for to block UV rays through a sun visor. The protector is fully foldable to make it more comfortable to use and fits in vehicles.

This protective case allows you to keep your car at a cool temperature and regulated. The design will make it very easy to remove and put it on, since you can easily fold it and take it inside your vehicle.

3. Cover windshield with magnetic edges

It has an aluminum and a cotton cover, it is also equipped with several magnetic edges They allow an adjustment on the sides to give it greater resistance and protection against strong winds.

This windshield protector features an effect insulating which is very useful to block high temperatures. With this accessory you can also prevent cold air from entering your car.

4. Protective cover a water proof

It is a protective windshield cover with elastic straps and reflective side stripes that is made of high quality materials. It has a design thick and durableAs well as adjustable and flexible that allows you to adjust to the measurements of your car.

This product is an ideal option to protect the windshield of your car. Its easy use will give you a very practical and safe as a preventive mechanism against the onslaught of the weather.