A very practical and effective way of caring for our vehicles is with a windshield protector. These accessories are really useful when we park our car in outdoor areas where it is exposed to very extreme climates. To help you extend the life of your car, we show you some options in windshield protectors that are available at an excellent price.

1. Cover waterproof windshield


It is a durable waterproof cover that protects the windshield from elements. It has a heat shield that traps heat so that it is free of snow or ice residue in the morning.

It’s incredibly easy to install and does not require the use of special tools. You just have to place the panels on the driver and passenger side, and then adjust it with its elastic straps.

2. Protective water and snow resistant


This case is resistant to water, snow, ice and low temperatures in general. Provides a excellent protection especially on winter days, so you don’t have to waste time scraping ice every morning.

Its size is ideal for most cars due to its design durable and thick It instantly adjusts to your vehicle and is capable of withstanding even the strongest winds.

3. Case for windshield of cars


It is made with the combination of materials in 4 levelsThis results in a cover that exceeds the thickness of most regular windshield protectors. This feature also increases its resistance to cold climates, water and dust.

Your design double-sided It allows you to use it during the winter to prevent ice from accumulating and during the summer to block UV rays.

4. Parasol magnetic


This is a magnetic cover designed with 6 magnets that allow better adjustment and grip, regardless of vehicle size. It is very easy to install since it does not have straps that can become loose or wear over time.

Includes a drawstring bag for easy storage. It saves you time and money in repairs, since it protects your car from rain, snow, water, hail and dust.