If you are looking for a discreet but powerful amulet, this is what you need.

We all want to have a life full of luck, health and prosperity; and that’s why the world of amulets and rituals It is so varied and popular. There are many options that we can have to attract good luck or improve the flow of energy in our home; we should just focus on our wants and needs, and focus our mind on getting it. However, we are not all in favor of wearing large amulets or placing striking energetic figures in our home. For those cases, with a small and discreet accessory it will be more than enough. Remember that the power of energy it arises from within us, and objects are only the way to channel them.

1. Lucky bracelet with 4 Leaf Clover

This delicate and discreet lucky bracelet is made with 925 sterling silver, which does not darken because it is rhodium plated.

The Red thread It is adjustable to be used by anyone of any age. The 4-leaf clover is a very popular symbol of luck, typical of Ireland and Saint Patrick.

2. Bracelet adjustable minimalist for good karma

With a discreet, delicate and minimalist style, this bracelet lucky red thread With a 925 silver medal, it is ideal to wear it in your day to day.

In Asian culture, the color red is a symbol of luck, prosperity and fortuneSo taking an accessory of this color with you will always be the best amulet you can have, without being too flashy.

3. Bracelet with hamsa hand and bright red

Mixing lucky symbols from different cultures, this red string bracelet has a finely carved 925 silver Hamsa hand and that it makes it both a flirty and powerful accessory to attract fortune into your life.

The hamsa hand It is a very popular amulet, and depending on the direction you put it, it will be the benefit that it will give you. Thus, when you are with your fingers down, attract good energy and fortune into your life; while when you are with your fingers up, you are protecting yourself from bad wishes and bad vibes.

4. Bracelet with Turkish Eye and Kabbalah Medallion

This bracelet is crafted from red-dyed genuine leather and features a Turkish Eye with a Kabbalah medallion of 925 sterling silver.

It is an amulet specially thought for ward off bad energy and bad omens of your life. It is a casual accessory that you can use daily and have a discreet protection center.