When we have a baby at home, It is necessary to pay attention to each of the details, and especially when it comes to cleaning. In this sense, a fundamental aspect is the air quality, since through it you can filter various pollutants and particles. So, so that your baby’s room is a pure environment, we show you some of the options available in air purifiers safe and reliable for your room.

1. Purifier True HEPA


It is a purifier designed to capture 99.97% of pollutants airborne, as well as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens.

Thanks to its intelligent sensors you can calibrate the air and its automatic mode. It is capable of filtering the air as necessary. Its operation is very quiet, so it does not disturb your baby’s sleep.

2. Smart purifier Levoit


It is a filter that allows you to create a personalized operating schedule, through which you can program the on, off and purification modes according to the specific needs of the room.

Additionally, you can use your smartphone to control the purifier no matter where you are. You have the possibility of always breathing fresh air and thus take care of your baby.

3. Compact Air Purifier for home


This tower purifier uses a system of fine preliminary filter, genuine HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, in order to effectively remove 99.97 of dust and other particles.

Includes a infrared dust sensor And it only takes 30 seconds to detect the air quality in your baby’s room once it is turned on. It automatically adjusts according to the air quality and its purification level.

4. Purifier Renpho Air


It is an easy-to-operate home air purifier. Combine four different filters with a three speed fan; It also offers adjustments according to the needs of the air in the room to be purified.

With its automatic mode you can know the air quality when turning it on and adjusts according to air conditions. Additionally, it has a timer that you can program to turn off the unit.