Hair serums that make it grow.

If you notice that your hair is weak or that it is falling more than you should, applying an oil or serum to grow the hair will help to nourish and strengthen it. It contains ingredients that improve circulation and stimulate hair follicles to generate thicker hair and can grow faster. These hair serums can be applied if you are a man or a woman and on any type of hair. Fill your hair with nutrients and improve the structure of hair follicles.

Pronexa: stimulates hair follicles to grow stronger new hair

If you want to grow your hair, this serum has proteins and phytonutrients that help stimulate the hair follicle, it is responsible for generate new hair buds before old hair falls out. You’ll notice longer and thicker hair after a few months so it doesn’t fall out. A few drops should be applied to the scalp and always on dry hair.

With a half dropper it will be necessary to apply all over the scalp. It can be applied to men and women, even if you notice thinning hair.

Thicker Fuller Hair: thickens hair to prevent weakening

This hair serum is responsible for making hair thicker, rebuilds the structure of the hair and helps energize the scalp. Weak hair can be from products with a lot of sulfate, dyes, color or age. Contains caffeine, to stimulate hair follicles.

Its consistency is similar to gel, so if your hair is oily do not saturate the product so as not to feel heavy. You can apply it at night and wash your hair in the morning.

3. Euphora: improves the health of the scalp avoiding bacteria and fungus formation

This hair growth oil contains essential omega acids, vitamins and minerals. What it does is that take care of the health of the scalp, If you have dandruff or irritation, you can stop the hair from growing as it should. So you can have clean hair free of fungi and bacteria.

Dandruff covers the hair follicles, so if you have a dandruff problem and your hair is not growing it may be one of the reasons your hair doesn’t grow as you want.

EssyNaturals: serum with biotin, rosemary and castor oil, to stimulate hair growth

This serum for hair loss contains caffeine, rosemary and castor oil, biotin that stimulate hair growth by having antioxidants and nutrients so that improve blood circulation and make new thick and healthy hair.

It can be applied to men and women, do not forget to supplement with a supplement or shampoo to enhance the benefits of a serum for hair growth. We recommend you leave it on overnight act the serumThis is when the skin regenerates and the scalp is skin.

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