An effective and practical way to clean the floors of your house.

One of the places where we share the best moments with our family, friends and special people is in our home. In the privacy of our house we can create a cozy and pleasant environment where to build memories and live beautiful experiences, and for this it is important that our house is always clean and tidy. And like floors are one of the parts most prone to getting dirty easily, here are some broom and dustpan sets that you can use to clean your floors quickly and without much effort.

1. Cleaning Combo long handle


Its design allows the broom and dustpan to come together to create a single piece for easy storage. The dustpan locks in the open position to discard easily the content in the dumpster.

It is the ideal option to efficiently perform the tasks of sweep and transport dust, debris and trash. It is a tool that allows you to keep all the spaces in your house impeccable.

2. Brush lobby with long handle


It is equipped with a pole extendable design that allows to adapt the length of the broom according to the height of the person who is going to use it. Its long handle allows its user to sweep in a comfortable position.

The broom bristles are made with the highest quality materials, to make each fiber more dense and durable. You can effectively clean your pet’s hair, human hair and all traces of dust and dirt.

3. Team high broom with dustpan

A set with the necessary instruments for a quick and easy cleaning day. It has the ability to efficiently clean all types of surfaces And it can also be used on dry and wet floors.

Its patented design allows you sweep comfortably to save you back pain, and its vertical dustpan prevents contents from spilling. When storing, you can fix them together so they take up less space.

4. Set of broom and dustpan in angle


It is an angled broom built with special firm bristles to capture the most amount of dirt possible and facilitate cleaning in the most difficult to clean spaces such as corners and under furniture.

A great way to make cleaning time a chore comfortable and simpleThanks to this practical game you will be able to keep your whole house impeccable and shiny.