The creepiest lighting for Halloween.

One of the most peculiar things about Halloween are the typical decorations that adorn the houses during the festivities. Pumpkins, skeletons and ghosts are a recurring theme to set the scene more terrifying. The illumination It is a detail that can make your house really scare and stand out at night, and that is why here we show you some very original options of decorative lights.

1. Extension of Purple Pumpkins


Set of LED lights made with materials that have a design in 3d pumpkins Halloween props to create the most terrifying atmosphere. They are equipped with a power supply that runs on AAA batteries.

Its flexible and light extension adapts easily to any surface, this will allows to place them anywhere you want. They are equipped with eight different lighting modes.

LED ghosts water resistant


A set of decorative ghost LED lights low consumption They are completely safe and easy to install. The device is battery operated and its connector cable is waterproof.

Its compact control panel gives you access to certain functions such as on timer or brightness adjustment. Specially made to illuminate in a way original and fun throughout the Halloween.

3. Skulls multicolors


They are terrifying Halloween lights that have been designed with a 3D molded plastic cover and are shaped like skulls with a long cloak over them. A low-voltage decoration that runs on batteries.

Its lighting can be easily programmed so that the bulbs emit light constant or intermittent depending on your preference. It is a perfect decoration to create the creepy atmosphere in your Halloween gatherings.

4. Chain of 20 Skeletons LED


A string of 20 LED lights with skeleton-shaped plastic shields that shine on 4 colors different. The extension is extremely easy to install and totally safe.

Its waterproof design gives you the possibility to hang them in any indoor space, room or even outdoors so you can impact all your neighbors. They are an option funny and creepy to give a little more “vitality” to your Halloween decorations.

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