A practical and economical way to preserve your food for longer.

To preserve the freshness of your foods for several days in the refrigerator, there is no more practical and reliable solution than to use silicone bags. They are an economic and ecological alternative that will help you extend the shelf life of your food and thus save money at the supermarket. Take a look at these options and choose the best one for you and your refrigerator.

1. Bags Reusable silicone

Food grade silicone bags are plastic free and latex. Its hermetic seal is ideal for storing milk, fruits, seafood, snacks, vegetables, sandwiches, meat and more.

Preserves and spreads freshness of food, it saves you money and you have less waste. You can use them in microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and pots.

2. Bags Food Storage


The beeswax wrappers Premium quality and reusable silicone pouches guarantee an excellent storage experience. They are leak proof, heat and cold resistant.

Silicone bags and reusable food wrappers are here to keep your kitchen, fridge or freezer tidy and organized. They’re a natural alternative to preserve your meals.

3. Silicone Bag hermetically sealed

Created in response to the deep need for healthy alternative to food storage in a healthy way. It allows you to keep your food safe from contaminants.

It has an innovator hermetic seal to keep food fresh when you store it, marine and more. Just remove excess air from the bag and squeeze the seal to seal it.

4. Set of Reusable Bags of sylicon


Each lunch and snack storage bag is equipped with a large pull tab for easy storage. hermetic seal and a smooth glide. The clips guarantee a quick opening and closing.

These reusable containers maintain quality and the taste of fruits, vegetables, snacks and ingredients despite being stored for a long time. Their size allows them to be conveniently accommodated in your refrigerator.