A modern and minimalist touch for your home.

One of the elements that allow us to give an extra touch to the decoration of our home they are each of the pieces of furniture and the way in which they all come together to create the environment we desire. Thanks to them we can create much more harmonious, versatile and striking spaces. An excellent option to give your living room a more modern touch is with a floating shelf, and below we present some of the most striking designs.

1. Floating shelves in u shape


It is a set of floating shelves made with laminated MDF plates. They are designed in three different sizes and they have an elegant walnut finish that adapts to any decoration.

An ideal option for your living room, since they are very decorative and functional. Its comfortable and light design allows you to have all three together or distribute them to different points in the room.

2. Bases decorative for walls


These are rectangular floating shelves specially designed to offer storage functional, as well as providing a sturdy base where to display and enhance each accessory that complements the decoration.

They are versatile and functional since they have been made with synthetic wood and they have a soft matte finish that you can combine perfectly with the rest of the furniture in your living room.

3. Cornerback floating wood


It is made with resistant wood oak and walnut It has been collected in a sustainable way so as not to negatively affect the environment. It is a waterproof piece of furniture and it comes with all the necessary accessories to install it.

Its functional and practical design makes take advantage that space in the corners of the walls. They are so resistant that you can place photographs, decorations and even plants on them.

4. Shelves hexagonal


They have a rustic design minimalist and have been made with aged wood. They are pre-assembled parts that include all the accessories you require for their installation.

In addition to decorating your room and giving it a modern touch, you are adding a storage space that is functional and elegant at the same time. You can show your photos, decoration pieces, books and much more.