The best way to keep your body’s energies under control.

Have balanced chakras It is very important since these represent the energy centers within each person and have a great influence on the body and health. These are classified as lower and higher, and the most important thing is to create a harmony between them to have a healthy life. To help you with this process, we recommend these four sets of precious stones to stabilize the chakras.

1. Starter kit with mineral stones

This initiation set brings a wide variety of gemstones that will help you start preparing your chakra alignment and stabilization ritual. They are a total of six minerals of striking colors such as red, blue, green, orange, pink quartz and transparent quartz. Set includes a velvet pouch to carry minerals.

They are ideal to raise energy and give a gift to that person who is looking to improve their health. All the stones are authentic and they include a certificate and a card with all the information you need.

2. Silver spiral with 7 crystals

This set of seven crystals is perfect for attracting tranquility and balancing the chakras of the body. Comes with a silver spiral and a rose Himalayas which is ideal to ward off negativity and transform bad energies.

You can locate them anywhere in your house and thus create a peaceful atmosphere. You will feel how the energy spreads around you and influences your moods.

3. Set of stones to control the chakras

They are ten natural stones that include selenite stick, raw amethyst, a piece of salt and seven engraved chakra stones. The stones feature Beautiful colors like purple, green, blue, yellow, white and ocher turquoise.

These minerals are great for promoting mental clarity, understanding, and focus. Very useful for maintaining rooms clean of unwanted energy.

9 Stones chakra for healing

A set of 9 crystal stones representing the chakras within the body. The set is made up of aventurine, rose quartz, red jasper, tiger’s eye, amethyst and transparent quartz that reinforce the charges of positive energies.

Each of the stones is medium in size and you can easily manipulate them. Each crystal has the ability to absorb anxiety and other negative stimuli with which we have to live day by day.