Electronic devices make our lives more and more involved and related to technology. One of the biggest problems with this is that these devices require high electrical consumption, so increasing the electricity bill. If you are looking for a way to illuminate your patio or the surroundings of your house without spending too much money in the electric bill, the solar powered lamps like the ones we show you here are one of the best options:

1. Set of solar panels with motion sensors

The solar panel set can produce 400 lumens thanks to its 28 LED lights, thus generating a greater amount of light to your spaces. They last 50,000 hours, a longer than average time and are also heat, water and snow resistant.

They also have a motion detector that will let you know, for example, if you have visitors at home. Otherwise, require very little maintenance and they are easy to activate since it does not need cables.

2. Set of solar panels heat and water resistant

The 36 high-quality LED lights of the solar panels not only will last much longerThey also provide a much more powerful light that is perfectly resistant to heat and water.

Its range of motion detection is much wider than the average since it can detect at a greater distance, thus giving you more security.

3. Set of solar panels with remote control

The solar panel set with 48 LED lights is weather resistant, has a PIR motion sensor It does not require cables and can be adjusted to different angles in order to reach areas of difficult access.

his remote control It will allow you to manage the solar panels without having to leave the house, thus saving you a lot of inconvenience, especially on rainy days.

4. Solar panels fast charge

They have a light weight and easy mounting that save time and energy. On the other hand, its resistance to corrosion will allow you to use it for a long time.

Solar panels they charge faster thanks to their lithium iron battery, otherwise they are more precise and sensitive since they offer you 360-degree motion detection.