The watercolors They are colored paints that when diluted in water allow you to achieve different intensities and shades that mixed with your passion for painting will allow you to make works of art surprising your own and increasing your capacity. artistic. If you are willing to get started in the art of painting or improve your technique, we present four watercolor sets with vibrant colors that are sure to inspire your artistic side.

1. Kedudes: Watercolors with set of brushes

The Kedudes brand brings you the set of 36 watercolor colors with 12 brushes of different sizes with round and flat shapes, made of synthetic hair to achieve different sweeping techniques.

The colors are pure and vibrant, special to dilute in water and achieve different intensities. This set is recommended for painters who love this technique, and if you want your child to start with the watercolor technique, this brand guarantees safety for children to use, since they are toxic-free.

2. Arteza: Premium watercolors

12 intense colors that Arteza presents to you in a metal box to protect the trays and guarantee the duration for much longer. Like all watercolor, you can add a little water and if it dries you can use it again in the same way.

Watercolor is non-toxic and is perfect for children to use and bring out their artistic side without limits. This watercolor comes with a pencil for you to start your project with a beautiful drawing.

3. Marie’s: Set of professional watercolors

The Marie’s brand set of watercolors contains 48 intense and long-lasting colors, highly soluble in water. The palette is made of resistant plastic with six special spaces, fixed and removable, to mix your colors.

East set of watercolors It comes with a flat brush, a round brush, a synthetic hair brush and a natural brush, a sponge and special sticks, which together with other tools will speed up your artistic project.

4. Artify: Watercolor to take on a trip

Artify Art Supplies watercolor comes in a presentation of 24 and 48 vibrant and eye-catching colors in one fully removable paddle. It includes a pocket travel kit that guarantees the protection of colors and brushes.

This watercolor includes brushes Special for mixing colors and also for dry dust sweeping. Colors are resistant to sunlight much longer. If you are starting or are already a professional painter, you can try this set.