Henna to cover gray hair without being abrasive.

Henna is a natural ingredient that gives color to hair without damaging it. There are henna shampoos that serve to give a different color to your hair, give it some highlights and are used to cover gray hair. IF you don’t want to color your hair or want to paint your hair with a non-abrasive ingredient, this is a great idea. Know these shampoos with henna, they are not dyes, but they can give you a semi-permanent color.

1. TOCarries shine and softness due to its sunflower oil

This henna shampoo can brighten the color of your hair, it has extracts of henna with sunflower so as not to be abrasive and give it shine and softness. It is ideal for any type of hair, if you have already dyed your hair if you can change your tone slightly. The use of this henna shampoo is recommended for hair with shades of chocolate, copper and brown.

Sometimes you can see changes in your hair until the second application. Remember that it is not a dye, it only gives a color in a semi-permanent way.

2. Highlight the tones of your hair as it is colorless henna

An ideal henna shampoo for hair of any color. What it does with gray hair is that it makes it look like a flash of color. This is a color extract shampoo and conditioner, it is colorless so it will help highlight the natural tones of your hair. It can be used even if you have chemically colored hair.

It will help cover the gray hair to give them a reflection of another color. It can be used by men and women. One of the advantages is shampoo with henna is not abrasive.

3. Ideal for dark hair, it gives a reflection to cover gray hair and softness

This henna shampoo is ideal if you are just noticing or you have gray hair in different places, it gives a touch of color to those black and dark brown hair. It will give it shine because it has sunflower oil and henna extract. Does not contain sulfates, parabens nor sodium, so it does not dry or damage the hair. It also has aloe vera for those sensitive scalps.

When you apply it leave for a few minutes and then rinse. Continuous use helps the pigment last longer.

4. Add highlights in your hair to cover gray hair

If what you want is to have the same tone, but cover the gray hair, this shampoo with henna is the ideal one for you. What it does is that add a reflective layer on your hairIt is like highlighting certain strands of your hair. It also leaves it very soft thanks to its avocado oil, glycerin and shea butter. If you want to add more color, follow it using, because it is a semi permanent color that with the washes the color will fade.

There are other colors, in case you want to experiment with your hair color. A henna shampoo is an excellent alternative to cover gray hair.