If your hair is oily do not wash it every day and less with shampoos full of parabens and sulfates, this will make it more greasy because it eliminates the natural oils that your scalp produces, making you produce more fat. These shampoos are special for oily hair because they control the fat without unbalancing the pH of the scalp.

1. Neutrogena: removes residue to prevent dandruff

This shampoo is to be used once a week alternating with a sulfate free shampoo. When used, it helps to eliminate residues and fat that does not belong to your scalp. This balances your scalp and you can prevent dandruff, itching and scales. Be careful if you have your hair dyed, as it could spoil it.

With more than 1700 sales this Shampoo has 4.6 stars. Buyers use it every 2 weeks, because if it is used daily or very continuously it can become dry.

2. Carol’s Daughter: controls oil and gives you natural shine throughout your hair

Sweat, spray, mousse or even the conditioner can leave residues and cause grease. This shampoo nourishes your hair without removing moisture, or your natural oils, making the oil control. Contains argan oil, aloe vera, cactus and Moroccan clay. In addition to controlling fat, it will give you a spectacular shine.

We recommend that you do not wash your hair every day, an alternative is to use dry shampoo in case you are afraid that your hair will smell bad. A shampoo with 64% of satisfaction.

3. Fekkai: apple cider vinegar to exfoliate and relax

Apple cider vinegar is a key ingredient that helps a lot to control fat and exfoliate your scalp. It is not abrasive or harmful to your hair. This shampoo is a silicone-free purifier and removes residue build-up. If you had a very busy and super stressful week, wash your hair with this purifier that will relax you.

It is recommended that you alternate it with a paraben free shampoo, as this is like an exfoliant. his smell is not unpleasant, women with oily hair recommend it. It has 4.2 stars.

4. Scruples: removes chlorine, metal and mineral residues you don’t need

If you have dyed hair or you use the dryer a lot or you are going to swim, this shampoo is ideal for you. It is responsible for controlling fat and remove chlorine, minerals and metals that damage your hair. It helps a lot to keep the fat of your hair and scalp in balance and with this it does not produce any fungus or bacteria.

This shampoo is 33 ounces at a price less than $ 20 dollars. What will serve you for at least 2 months. It has 75% satisfaction, buyers highly recommend it and love the smell.