Make your hair thicker to style as you like.

If your hair is fine or thin and you are afraid to comb it or that when you brush it you lose a lot of hair, then you need a shampoo that can give it volume, make it thicker and increase the diameter of each strand of your hair. Some recommendations if your hair is very weak is that you wash your hair more frequently with a special shampoo to promote the growth of thicker hair and make it resistant.

1. Phyto: promotes hair growth

This shampoo is in charge of stimulating the correct circulation in the scalp and with this promoting the growth of hair follicles to create a thicker hair, resistant and elastic. You just need to apply a little shampoo and massage all over your head. We recommend that you use conditioner at least every 3 three days a week, sometimes this weakens it further.

This shampoo has 59% satisfaction, some buyers have noticed that they grows faster. Choose to wash your hair with warm to cold water, this reminds your hair.

2. Rene Furterer: gives it softness and volume

This shampoo has carob extract that is responsible for creating volume from root to tip. From 2 weeks you will be able to notice more volume in your hair and you will see how it is more resistant. It also strengthens your hair so you can style it as you want. This brand has a spray that gives you more instant volume.

Although it is not a very economical product, it is a shampoo that gives it more body, softness and makes more manageable your hair. It doesn’t make much foam, but it cleans it thoroughly. A shampoo with 4 stars.

3. Thicker Fuller Hair: have thick hair and avoid thinning

If you love to comb your hair with a flat iron or curling iron, the heat weakens the hair and in some cases it thins it. This shampoo is responsible for removing excess fat, stimulates hair follicles to grow your hair faster and thicker. This is a shampoo and conditioner kit with a massage pad.

This shampoo is responsible for repairing and promoting hair growth, but it is not specifically to prevent hair loss. A kit of 4.6 stars.

4. John Frieda: more hair resists high temperatures

If you want a cheaper option, this shampoo can increase the volume of your hair by up to 40%. It has an active ingredient of caffeine that is responsible for increasing the thickness of your hair so that it has more strength and be more resistant to wind, heat and cold. If you notice your dyed hair very weak, this shampoo is safe to use, since it does not eliminate the color of your hair.

It is recommended to use the entire range to see more results in a short time. It has a satisfaction of 58%. Have a hair stronger for less $ 10 dollars.