Have healthy colored hair.

Colored hair needs special care, this in order to absorb essential nutrients, do not mistreat after color application, it has shine and it does not melt away immediately. A shampoo can help take care of your colored hair by giving special protection and making it not mistreated and keeping your color radiant.

1. Wow Color: nourishes, cleans and cares for the color of your hair

This shampoo for colored hair it has keratin and hydrolyzed silk which is responsible for strengthening, brightening and taking care of your color while thoroughly cleaning your hair. It is a dyed hair product that does not have sulfates, silicones or any other ingredient that can dry out your hair. This shampoo does not cover the hair follicles, but helps to clean them.

This shampoo can be used at all times and it does not matter if you are going to dye or already have your hair dyed. Always opt for a product that cares for the color of your hair and nourish itThis makes it more resistant to damage.

2. Biolage: creates protection for heat product, free radicals and balances moisture

A shampoo for colored hair that keeps your hair color alive, while taking care of heat products and free radicals is this shampoo. Well it takes care of balance humidity, take care of the color of your hair and give it shine. It is one of the most popular shampoos for the care of colored hair. If you love to experiment with your hair, it is an excellent investment.

It has a sufficient presentation to be used for at least 3 months. If you want more protection you can choose to use a mask or a conditioner to increase power and your hair have a spectacular shine.

3. Thermafuse: seals the cuticles to avoid creating more damage and balances the pH

Any shade of hair is difficult to care for, but this shampoo for colored hair takes care of reddish, copper and chocolate hair. It is a very gentle cleanser that cares for the pH of your scalp, balances moisture, seals cuticles so they don’t create more damage and gives necessary care to hair color. It also helps to take care of it from UV rays.

If you dyed your hair a brown, reddish color or some similar hue, it is ideal is a shampoo and conditioner, they are perfect for taking care of colored hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick, fine, Chinese, curly or straight, because take care of the texture.

4. REDKEN: prolongs the color of your hair and gives it shine

It is important that if you have colored hair, do not use a shampoo with parabens or sulfates, because it makes your hair dry and the color fades in a very short time. This shampoo helps prolong the life time of color and adds nutrients in each wash. It has a high level of amino ions that seal the color, make your hair have a natural shine and do not look dry or damaged.

It is a 1 liter bottle, so it will last you for many months, it is certainly worth the investment if you are a woman that dyes the hair constantly, but you want a hair treatment that doesn’t mistreat your hair.