A garment for you to show your attributes with pride and security.

Having a healthy diet and a good exercise routine helps us look slimmer. But toning and defining the size of our thighs is a very difficult task, although not impossible. The girdles molding machines They are garments that will help us during this process and also after it. They will make us look sexier and capture the eyes of those around us. If you still don’t have one in your closet, here are 4 options for you to choose the one best suits your figure.

1. Girdle flexible and versatile

This is a flexible girdle with abdomen and thigh control that molds the figure quickly. It has been made with a double layer fabric, breathable and elastic for daily use.

You can use under any garment including shorts or skirts, and will not be noticed. It will also help lift your buttocks and improve your posture, preventing you from having back pain.

2. Comfortable girdle to improve your posture

It is a garment free of seams that adapts to your body and molds your waist highlighting all your attributes. It does not squeeze your body so it will allow you to move smoothly and perform different activities.

You will have a fantastic body without having to make much effort. It will provide support to your back and improve your posture. You will feel safe and you will look super good in any garment.

3. Strip high cut for complete control

It has been made with nylon and elastane. It has a high cut design that goes just below the bra. Provides complete control of the abdomen, waist and thighs. Its high-quality materials allow you to machine wash it multiple times and it won’t lose its shape.

It is a girdle that you can wear even to go to the gym, since its fabric allows air flow and you will feel fresh.

4. Lift and mold your glutes

Girdle with a long design that reaches to your calves. It has been made with soft, high-quality fabric that they do not irritate or tighten the skin.

It will guarantee you a greater mobility and it will help soften the fatty tissue that is located in the belly, thighs and buttocks. It also reduces the size of the waist and your thighs managing to define your figure quickly. Ideal for use after post operative recovery.