So you can be aware of your weight whenever you want.

A balance is a instrument Weighing system that uses the action of gravity to determine weight, body mass and different values ​​of general health. When we are following a special diet to lose weight, it is necessary to constantly monitor progress. The smart digital scales that we show you below can be a great ally, since they not only allow you to know your weight, they also help you keep track and design healthy routines from your cell ph

Base to measure weight with bluetooth


This smart balance has been designed to be an effective Health assistant. It can be paired via Bluetooth with special fitness apps and has 11 different measurement functions.

You can customize this scale so that you have your own settings so that several people at home can use it as well. Gives you weighing scales and shape measurement accurate and automatic.

Balance tempered glass with digital display


This adjustable scale has a clean and simple design, it is also built from elegant tempered glass Pink color. The scale adapts perfectly to the decoration of any room.

Gives you up 13 metrics body composition that you can see on its LED screen. You can synchronize it with your smart devices through its bluetooth system.

3. Analyzer body fat


This body fat measuring scale also includes a system to monitor muscle mass, BMR data, among other options. Provides you with a complete analysis of general health in each of the aspects that this indicates. You can weigh yourself anytime you want.

Weight and measurement data are synchronized automatically with your phone or smart device linked to the scale so that you can keep track of your progress.

Weighing machine digital bathroom


It works from a free app available for all smartphones. Not only does it show you weight, It also gives you complete monitoring of your BMI trends. All data is shared to the associated phone immediately.

Synchronize all your fitness data to track your progress. Its measurements are accurate since it comes equipped with a sensor High precision and a large number display.

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