Secure your home with the help of technology.

Home security is a must to be able to enjoy inside our spaces without feeling in danger or vulnerable. For this reason, we are always in search of the best tools that promote this stable environment within our home and that give us the confidence that each member of the family is safe in each room. There are many ways to have greater security at home with the use of electronics devices, like the smart locks that we show you below, with which you can keep your home always protected and safe, thanks to the help of technology.

1. Smart lock Alexa compatible

This smart lock works as a Wi-Fi connection bridge through which you can lock and unlock the system remotely as well as constant monitoring. It can be integrated with the program Alexa, Google Assistant, Airbnb, Home Away Simplisafe and others.

This wonderful security tool for your home or office controls the access of people because it grants the pass with programming of weeks, days or even minutes. I know install easily and in ten minutes you will have your spaces protected.

2. Smart lock with discreet keyboard

This security system has the function of lock and unlock house doors and it connects with smartphones through Bluetooth or by entering an access code that will have between 6 and 8 digits on the touchscreen keyboard. It is look-proof and prevents others from copying your codes by its algorithms.

Maintaining home security will not be a problem with this defense and care system for every space in your home. With this tool you can control the entry and exit of people in your house and you will be informed by notifications that will reach your cell ph

3. Dsmart device to monitor the doors

With this device you can have full security at home that no intruder will enter your territory. It works with the Alexa system for voice control, activates with 110 to 540 volts and automatically locks.

It gives your home the best quality and high technology, since it offers constant monitoring of each place in the rooms and even you can install it in your office to also have control of it.

4. Electronic lock with keyboard and fingerprints

Lock and unlock every entry and exit from your home with this great security system from Ultraloq. It has a smart keyless entry lock with 6 functions in 1: use fingerprint, anti-peep keyboard, smartphone, automatic unlock, shake to open and mechanical key. This entire system is controlled with the voice of Alexa and Google Asistant.

Enjoy great security inside your home and have control of the inputs and outputs of people who have access to private areas through monitoring.