An efficient way to keep records of your weight loss.

Controlling our weight is very important to be aware of how our state of Health general and thus be able to carry a diet plan appropriate to our needs and that adjusts to the goals we wish to meet. A good tool to do this is smart scales, which allow you to keep a record of your physical condition and display it directly on your smartphone to always have the data with you. Take a look at the options below and choose the best one for you:

1. Balance Wifi with smartphone app

This scale has a WiFi connection that allows you to connect with any smartph It has been created to monitor the weight of a person reflected in kilograms or in pounds, it can also measure body fat, muscle and bone mass. Since it is a smart device, it can be synchronized with more than 100 health applications.

It is recommended to keep the connection with WiFi always active, since this guarantees the real measurement of weight from anywhere, also allows easier access to the weight history for more accurate monitoring of user progress.

2. Analyzer body fat with Bluetooth

Connecting to Smart technology is the main feature of this scale that can be synchronized with the most popular fitness applications. It is black and has a digital screen that reflects the weight of the person. It also shows the index of Body mass (BMI), the percentage of body fat and other data on general health.

This scale is easy to use and synchronize with any smart device. With applications like Renpho, the scale has the ability to constantly exchange information. Enjoy this digital tool that will surely help you on your way to weight loss.

3. Base with connection to Bluetooth

A scale that automatically connects to the Bluetooth of your Smartph Your system supports a large number of applications available on the Apple Store or Google Play. Have 11 functions among which stands out one that calculates your data on BMI, the amount of water in the body, bone mass and much more.

With this scale you can carry a total control of your weight loss, reflecting the results of your progress in real time so that you have information about your general state of health.

4. Digital scale wireless

A beautiful wireless digital scale that merges with any smart device and gives you constant data that allows you to always be informed regarding weight and vital functions. It offers the analysis Accurate levels of body fat, muscle mass, bone texture, water retained in the body and much more.

It has a nice design with a digital screen that allows you to create unlimited user profiles to store each person’s data. Has 4 sensors Latest technology to give accurate measurements up to 400 lbs.