The children they always look for ways to have fun when they are at home on a weekend or on vacation; and if you are a father who loves the football, it is time for you to start looking for a goal and pass that love of sports to your children. So take a look at these compact and lightweight options that you can use in your backyard with total comfort and confidence:

1. NBD Corp: Easy to assemble goal

This soccer goal is a versatile and portable piece easily assembled with 18 pieces. It is made of resistant material with a red plastic coating and a knotless net that remains upright.

It is the best option for your children from an early age to enjoy and practice from the comfort of home kicking the ball and doing routine exercises that will help them develop your team spirit.

2. Exercise n ’Play: Goalkeeper game 2 in 1

This soccer goal set has a 2-in-1 design that can be assembled into two goals or one large goal. It is made of PVC material that is resistant, light and easy to disassemble. Includes a training ball and a needle pump.

You can set it up outdoors and assemble a soccer team in the park, on the patio or in the garden for kids to stay active, goalkeepers gain confidence and shooters improve their shots; while learning the importance of sports habits.

3. Morvat: Game of goal with balls

This goal set includes two nets, two standard soccer balls, and two junior balls, a needle pump, eight metal spikes, and two carry bags. All parts are made of durable materials and safe for children.

It has a perfect design to create a soccer match spontaneously, so the little ones can train, practice and have fun with friends from home, while improving their social, motor and eye-hand coordination skills.

4. WisHome: Soccer set with carry bag

This soccer set with compact design It comes with elastic straps that secure the net and adhere to the sides to keep it upright. And its structure has metal stakes that secure it to the ground.

It is easy to assemble and store, just by unfolding, adjusting and securing to the ground, you can start the soccer game with your children. In addition, you can take it in its transport bag to the beach, the park or wherever you want.