The girdles They are intimate garments that have been specially designed to be used under our clothes in order to give compression to some areas of the body to show off a more stylized figure. So, this time we show you some options of girdles special that have designs that are responsible for reducing the size of your arms and make them look slimmer.

1. Trainer upper arm


This is a shaping garment of upper arm It is designed to provide strong compression on the upper chest and back, while softening and tightening the area to conceal the bumps.

It allows you to have a much slimmer figure and allows you to adopt a firmer posture that helps you look slimmer and allows you to easily use it under your favorite clothes.

2. Girdle molding machine arms


They are made with a premium material of spandex and nylon, two materials that provide greater comfort and are very soft on contact with the skin. It has compression sleeves that cover the entire arm, while the rest of its design helps shape the waist, correct posture and lift the breasts.

An ideal option to lose weight, trim and tone your arms. A garment that is in charge of compressing the loose skin, to give you more beautiful arms that contribute to making you look much slimmer and more attractive.

3. Sleeves Of compression


It is a compression girdle specially designed for the arms area, it is made of a soft and elastic material. Its thick fabric does not roll up, at the same time that it is very comfortable, breathable and is practically imperceptible under clothing.

Special to support your chest and support your arms, while redefining the trunk and alleviating any type of back pain. In addition to correct your posture, helps you lose weight and reduce measures in the arms.

5. Brassiere to improve posture


This is a perfect compression garment for post-surgery recovery and also for daily use. The bra has an effect of single molding which is fully adjustable thanks to its double line hooks.

Its soft fabric is a perfect choice so you can wear it every day, under your favorite blouses and shirts since it is a soft, breathable garment that allows precise and comfortable compression at the same time.