One of the most common conditions in most people is pain in the back, more specifically in the lumbar area. These pains originate from spending long hours standing, sitting, carrying weight improperly and in some cases are the consequence of a medical condition. One way to solve this condition is with the use of girdles orthopedic, and below we show you some of the best options available.

1. Lumbar support with pads


This girdle is made with synthetic material and designed with a lumbar pad that can be easily removed. It is responsible for compressing the lower back to provide concentrated support.

A girdle that provides greater stability thanks to its body flexible steel that allows a better fit and support to the spine. For its part, the internal molded plastic components prevent the garment from rolling up or wearing out.

2. Strip support for for the back


It is a lumbar support belt that is very effective in relieving pain caused by herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis and other problems in the lower column. It has four straps that provide a stronger support and a pad that provides a more comfortable surface.

Its design has been created to provide additional support and help you preserve the correct posture all the time. Additionally, its highly elastic fabric provides you with a much wider compression.

3. Belt with lumbar support


A reinforced girdle with removable copper springs that provide a support stronger for the waist and lower back, thus preventing any type of pain that may occur in the area. Its dual adjustment straps provide compression that conforms to the shape of the body.

An ideal choice for effective pain relief lumbar caused for sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disc and degenerative diseases.

4. Support for relieve spinal pain


It is a comfortable and adjustable support that is equipped with hook closures and loops that guarantee an easy fit that better adapts to the shape of your body. It also has support straps that provide additional compression.

It is designed to provide immediate and lasting relief from conditions such as herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, pulled muscles and other problems at the level of the lower back. Includes a mesh pocket where you can place a cold or hot compress for a more complete pain treatment.