The adhesive patches burning fat are a novel method for slim down, very comfortable, practical and economical. They work by Skin contact, and in this way they filter a series of elements and components thanks to the heat produced by our body. After these substances are released, enter through the pores They reach the bloodstream very quickly throughout the body, which accelerates your metabolism and makes you burn fat faster. Here are some of the Available options that you can start using from the comfort of your home.

1. 50 Patches Weight loss


These patches help improve the metabolic system and better stimulate fat burning. Have been formulated with plant extracts, so they are healthy and soft so as not to mistreat the skin.

They are breathable, comfortable and do not give you a feeling of moisture after applying it to your body. Thanks to its good adherence, can easily attach to your belly button to control your weight.

2. Package magnetic patch

These slimming stickers do not give you a feeling of moisture and sweating after applying them to the navel area. Its botanical and natural ingredients will guarantee a safe and natural method of weight loss.

You should only apply one piece to your navel daily or every other day, you must let it act between 8 and 10 hours without exceeding this time. It is a way to complement your diet and exercise.

3. Adhesive for Weight Loss


Formulated with natural botanical ingredients, safe and non-irritating. Contains tea extract, which are responsible for restoring delicate skin and restore firmness to loose skin.

It is very easy to use, these patches are specially created to help you quickly regain a healthy, slim and attractive body. Regulates physiological function and effectively improves the condition of obesity.

4. Magnetic Patch for Burn calories


This weight loss adhesive helps people suffering from excess fat stay slim. Is it so made with natural ingredients, safe, non-irritating and very friendly to your body.

Very easy to use, you can place it on your navel daily or once every two days. You must not exceed more than 10 hours of use, you can wear it every day for your work, exercises or rest.