A sexy and modern garment that will make you look amazing.

The girdles molding machines They are compression garments that have been specially designed with the purpose of adjusting and flattening certain areas of the body to achieve a better silhouette. There are different types of them, but this time we will show you some of the options with type design strapless so that you look much more sexy and feminine.

1. Shaping Girdle with cups foam


It is a molding garment made with fabric from microfiber very comfortable with laser-cut edges. Its design is especially responsible for smoothing the belly, waist, hips and thighs.

You can use it under your favorite skirts or dresses. It gives you a silhouette of Hourglass since its shape allows it to soften your waist, define your hips and thighs.

2. Dress strapless


Its elastic fabric allows it to adapt to various sizes of women and in this way define the silhouette, regardless of the shape of the body. It is soft, cool, breathable and very comfortable in contact with the skin. Control of this girdle focuses on the mid-body area.

It has a design Withouth stitches no braces, making it invisible under any garment. It gives you firm comfort from the chest to the hips and you can wear it throughout the day without being uncomfortable.

3. Girdle with zipper zipper


This is a compression garment that produces a natural lifting effect that provides full control over your belly and hips. Its zip closure is specially designed to shape the Middle section of your body.

It is an incredible alternative to control your abdominal area and further define your curves. Its particular design allows you to use it under both dresses or pants and that it is totally imperceptible.

4. Bodysuit with control extra firm


It is a girdle designed to give firm control and give a boost to the bust. Its particular shape allows it to be used with braces or strapless. Helps soften and shape the belly, hips, and back.

Their foam cups Integrated help to provide support across the entire bust area, while its anti-static, non-stick fabric allows clothes to slide easily.