The ballet It is a type of classical dance of French origin, which can be performed in groups or individually. This discipline requires that the dancer have full control of his body, and to achieve this, dancers must start in practice from an early age. Each practice requires dedication and physical conditioning, so for the girls who are practicing this beautiful discipline of dance, we present these suspenders to help them in stretching routines.

1. SuperiorStretch: Band Ballet elastic


It is an elastic rubber band no latex additives, developed for the stretching training required in classical ballet. Provides firm resistance for maximum benefit.

You can also use it to increase your flexibility and your range of motion. It has a width of 1-1 / 2 inches so that it does not sink into your hands, feet, legs or back as it happens with some narrower bands.

2. Zenmarkt: Band Elastic for Ballet


This band will help you complement the strengthening movements on the ballet barre as you stretch your hard-working muscles and tendons.

It is the perfect solution to improve your dancing skills and techniques, as well as to help you prevent injuries. It keeps your body agile and strong as you properly stretch your muscles.

3. RubyStretch: Bands Set for stretching


It consists of a stretch band and a long band of resistance that help you increase flexibility, strength and in case you suffer an injury, also to recover from it.

They are made of latex natural rubber. You can use them safely at home, in the studio, or on the go. As you increase your strength and flexibility you will develop a better technique.

4. UpCircleSeven: Ballet band


The use of this elastic band gives you a leg stretch with free hands and deep muscles, which help achieve unattainable results with regular stretching exercises.

You can use it as soon as you take it out of its packaging. You can easily stretch on any place, whether in the studio, in the gym or even during workouts at home.