Fill your home with the Egyptian mystery and receive the best of luck.

The Egyptian culture It is one of the oldest and richest in terms of spiritual practices to attract good fortune. It is characterized by slender, golden figures with a mysterious halo that fill us with curiosity, but at the same time are great magnets of positive energies, power and strength. That is why this time we show you some options of egyptian figures that you can have at home to attract the best of old luck and fortune.

1. Bust of Nefertiti

Ancient statuette of the famous Nefertiti, Egyptian queen of the first dynasty in the third millennium BC. It has dimensions of 4.5 ″ x 2.4 ″.

This figurine is made of resin high quality and resistant. In turn it presents a beautiful and lustrous appearance. Its compact size allows you to place it anywhere.

Bastet cat with candlestick

Statue ancient of the Egyptian deity in the shape of a cat Bastet. It is 6.9 ″ x 10 ″ in size and has two supports at the base to place candles.

Beautiful piece decorative made of resistant and glossy resin. Ideal to place on any shelf or table in your home. Attracts good fortune and riches.

3. Bust of god anubis

Old decorative piece in the shape of a representative statue of the egyptian god anubis. Made with cold cast resin material. It features a metallic bronze finish.

It has dimensions of 4 ″ high and 3 ″ wide. It is ideal to place it on your desk or library and have a protector of strength and energy in your environment.

4. Statuette of the goddess Isis

Elegant representative statuette of the Egyptian goddess Isis. It presents an attractive design and delicacy in each of the precious stones and details.

In general, this statue Goddess Isis attracts good fortune and luck. It measures 9 inches and also works as a striking decorative element.