Find your ideal pair of shoes!

Are you looking for an elegant and inexpensive shoe that perfectly complements your look For the parties? In this guide we will show you 4 women’s shoes and 4 men’s shoes that you can get at Amazon Brand new at Christmas and New Year’s parties, for under $ 60.

1. Women’s boots Toetos

The boots by Toetos They stand out for their drawstring design on the side, which give an original detail to this versatile black boot. They are made of synthetic leather, they have a side closure to put them on and a 3 ”wide heel that makes them very comfortable. They are available in several colors and 2 different designs, and in medium sizes for a perfect fit.

With less than $ 30These boots are perfect to wear with stockings and to wear with any look. In Amazon, the clients highlight their quality construction and their good fit, although they recommend that in order to be very comfortable it is necessary to add a template, since the internal part is a little rigid.

2. Women’s high boots NNG

Featuring a high above the knee design, these nng boots They’re made of synthetic suede and have a back closure that helps you put them on easily. They have a 3 ”high square heel that guarantees comfort. This style of footwear is perfect to wear with short and long skirts, and keep your legs warm.

Available in a wide variety of colors, these boots are priced under $ 50 and are highly valued by clients in Amazon. They mention that they are of great quality, have a good fit and that the boot is a little wider than other models, so it does not fit too much on the legs.

3. Women’s heels Idifu

It is the most classic model of the guide, these idifu shoes They are made of synthetic suede and have a 4 ”high heel width. Their style is very versatile, making them ideal for wearing at a party, dining out, or going to work. They have a pointed shape and a non-slip sole, guaranteeing comfort and safety.

These shoes have less than $ 35 and they are available in various colors and patterns Animal Print, to adapt to your look. In Amazon They are highly valued by clients, who claim that they are comfortable shoes with a versatile style and good fit.

4. Women’s ballet flats Dr. Scholl’s

If you want to be comfortable during the party, you can choose this Dr. Scholl’s ballerina model. With a modern design and a golden detail on the toe, these flat shoes are perfect for any look. They have a shiny finish, made of synthetic leather, and available in 6 color options. They have an internal staff of memory foam and the characteristic comfort of Dr. Scholl’s.

They are the best-selling women’s shoes, with a price less than $ 40 thanks to its 39% discount current. You can get them in medium sizes and wide sizes, so they have a perfect fit. In Amazon, the clients mention about this shoe that it has a very beautiful style, it is of great quality and very comfortable.

5. Men’s boots Jousen

Among the options for men, the first is this jousen boot It offers a more modern alternative to use at parties and complement your outfit. Made of synthetic leather, they have 2 elastics on the sides to put them on, a heel that helps to stylize and a non-slip base.

For their current 43% discount, these boots have less than $ 40 and they are available in several different colors. Customers mention in Amazon They are boots with a great style, good price and light, ideal to wear all day, or all night.

6. Men’s shoe Bruno Marc

Made of suede, these Bruno Marc’s shoes They are stylish yet modern with laces and a 1 ”high heel. It is available in many color options and they recommend ordering one size less since they have a large fit, but you can also find medium sizes.

These shoes have less than $ 35 and they are the best-selling model among men’s options. In Amazon, the clients affirm that they are shoes with a great style, a good fit and that they are very good for people with wide feet. In addition, they highlight their versatility since you can use these shoes for a party or to go to work.

7. Men’s shoe Jousen

With a classic design, these jousen shoes They’re made of synthetic leather, with a 1.1 ”high heel and a flexible rubber base that helps comfort. They have a non-slip base and are very versatile shoes, which you can use both for work and for formal events, such as the end of the year parties.

Available in 2 designs and various shades of brown and black, these shoes are priced under $ 30 for your current 15% discount. In Amazon, customers mention that they are high quality shoes, a good price and with an elegant design, ideal to wear on various special occasions.

8. Men’s shoe Clarks

Of the Clarks brandThese shoes have a classic slip-on design with a large silver buckle on the side. They are made of leather, with a 0.98 ”high heel, a flexible rubber base and a cushioned insole that guarantees comfort. Available in medium and wide sizes, these Clarks shoes provide a great fit.

Although they are the most expensive on the list, these shoes do not exceed $ 60 for its great discount of the current 37%. They are highly valued by customers in Amazon, mentioning that they are very comfortable, of quality and very easy to put on. In addition, they highlight the great variety of sizes and they are perfect for any event.