The parasols are an accessory that we must always carry in our vehicle, especially on sunny days, since it acts as a shield to prevent the interior of the car heats up and helps preserve upholstery. Therefore, this time we present 4 styles of folding umbrellas to keep the interior of your car protected.

1. Parasol with double layer of protection

It has a protection that blocks more than 97% of the UV rays and it has measures of 21 x 14 inches, which allows it to adapt to different windows.

It is made with a mesh that does not affects visibility, which is perfect to use while driving. It guarantees you greater comfort and you can easily store it in its bag.

2. Maximum shield Solar protection

They are a set of 3-piece parasols that have a size of 20 x 12 inches that allows them to adapt to any window of your car. Designed with a 80 mesh GSM It blocks up to 98% of UV rays.

Its static backing will allow you to place it easily without the need for adhesives or suction cups, this guarantees that it will not will move during trip.

3. Retractable parasols easy to store

They are a game of roller shades made of PCV that block and protect from the sun’s rays. Its measurements are 17.7 x 15.7 inches, which gives them an ideal size that easily adapts to any window.

Installs in seconds and will securely attach to any vehicle’s windows, creating a more ambient private and fresh inside your car. This is because this accessory combats the heat of the sun up to 85%.

4. Sunscreens for the windshield

They are versatile parasols that can be adapted to different front windows and gives a full coverage to the entire windshield. They also help lower the temperature inside the vehicle because it blocks UV rays and heat from the sun.

It will give a better appearance to your vehicle and will guarantee you a cool and comfortable environment, avoiding heat and sun rays that disturb you. A product that has 5 stars of qualification.