Improve your posture and cushion the impact when walking with a single tool.

If you are one of those who carry out constant sports activities, have a very busy routine or last a long time on your feet, it can be very exhausting, especially if you suffer from constant pain or affection in the sole of the foot. A template with orthopedic properties it is a very useful tool to make your daily routine more bearable. Thinking about it, below we show you five designs that will also help to have a better position.

1. Support templates orthopedic

They are orthopedic support insoles with an arch support that relieves pain. Has membranes comfortable and durable that provide immediate relief, plus they are covered in a high quality fabric that provides freshness.

With these insoles you can improve the position of the feet, the alignment and will allow you to recover better from pain in the legs. Is a ideal support for your everyday shoes, above all those you use to play sports.

2. Pads with cover breathable

They are adjustable insoles with a premium quality support made with a technology of biomechanical reinforcement It is ideal to relieve all pain and foot conditions. It has a cushioning membrane reinforced with a resistant base made with polyurethane foam.

They are templates that offer comfort extra and stability that helps minimize foot pain due to poor posture and other conditions.

3. Orthopedic bases with support

Insoles designed for people with flat feet that have medical grade orthopedic inserts to relieve frequent foot pain. They are made of durable EVA foam and multi-layer cushions with functional inserts attached to a padded latex mesh.

These templates will help you maintain a correct position and will adapt to any of your shoes. They will be a great help for you to do sports activities or to use them while you go to the office.

4. Design templates sports

They are comfortable and unisex insoles that are designed with an arch support. They are made of synthetic leather and have a foam pad with a cushioning which makes them very comfortable and fresh.

If sports activities are your option, these templates are designed to provide comfort and relief necessary while doing your exercise routine.

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