Inside our house, one of the fundamental tasks that we must deal with is the cleaning constant of all the spaces, and especially of the floors. There is no need to spend long hours spent cleaning; If you have the right tools, everything can be easier to accomplish. That is why here we show you some styles of mapos that you can use so that the floor of your house is always impeccable.

1. Rotary System with map


It is a map with a design of spinning mop for pedal that guarantees an efficient cleaning and in a matter of minutes. It also controls the humidity level thanks to its built-in design inspired by the most modern accessories for cleaning the home.

Allows you to enjoy a floor cleaning experience fast and effective. Its microfiber mapo guarantees a deep cleaning that removes and absorbs moisture and dirt.

2. Mapo with circular head of microfiber


This is a rack system with a basket type drainer made of stainless steel, like the mop handle for durability. It is robust, but at the same time light to pour water easily.

The microfiber mat cleans better because dries instantly and does not leave stains. You can save time and effort when completing cleaning tasks. A tool that makes it easier to clean and maintain the floors in your home.

3. Map of alloy aluminum


This is a map made from microfiber fabric and a high-quality extendable handle made from a sturdy aluminum alloy. Set includes two ear pads microfiber.

It allows you to better clean all the surfaces of your house in less time. You can also use it dry to catch dust, particles of dirt or even pet hair.

4. Mop Microfiber


This cleaning system has been designed with dishes that make the process of rinsing the mop head easier. It is perfect for cleaning floors of wood, laminates, tiles or even concrete.

Its stainless steel bucket is durable and it also has handles and wheels that allow you to move it where you need to clean without much effort. It is a product of the highest quality, special to have in your home.