Are you looking for a shoe to complement your look for the end of the year holidays? With these 4 models of Amazon, you will be able to find a quality and economic option adapted to your personal style. Here we show you the best models of elegant shoes under $ 70.

1. Clarks

With a classic design available in 6 different colorsThese Clarks shoes are made of leather and have a small rubber base. They are low weight and inside it has a removable padded insole, which offers greater comfort throughout the night. In addition, inside it has a fabric lining, its base is textured to make it non-slip and you can buy them in medium or wide sizes.

Although it is the most expensive shoe model on the list, the shoes are well-known brand Clarks and customers value them positively in Amazon. They mention that it is a very comfortable and versatile shoe, ideal for more elegant or casual events. Some clients even claim that they are ideal shoes for people who suffer from wide or flat feet.

2. Clarks

This Clarks model has a slightly more elegant design, made of leather and with a seam on the front that gives it texture. They have a small block and an insole of ortoliths inside to ensure comfort. Available in 4 different colors, these shoes are also available in medium or wide sizes.

With a big discount of 39%, this shoe is below $ 60 and is also about the model best rated from the guide. In Amazon, customers mention that they have a very comfortable fit, are light in weight and are very versatile. However, they warn that they are a little narrow on the part of the fingers.

3. Dream Pairs

With a very original perforated designThese Dream Pairs shoes are made of synthetic leather and available in 9 varieties of models, which vary in color and design. They have a wooden block approximately 1 “high and a rubber sole that guarantees flexibility in the shoe.

The best-selling shoes in the guide, with a price that does not exceed $ 40 and in general well valued by customers in Amazon. They mention that their wooden heel can be uncomfortable for some people, but that in general they are shoes that offer adequate comfort for working during the day or for going out at night. Customers affirm that it is quality footwear with great style, which adapts to different situations.

4. Bruno Marc

Finally we have these Bruno Marc shoes, which stand out for being available in black or white. Made of very shiny synthetic leather, this white shoe will surely be the protagonist of your outfit. It has a rubber base and a wooden heel, approximately 1 ”high. Due to its material, it is a flexible and comfortable shoe.

They are the cheapest shoes in the guide, with a price of less than $ 25. In Amazon, customers claim that it is a very comfortable shoe, even for people with flat feet, and have a wider fit. They claim that it has a very good price-quality ratio, but that in general they come with a strong chemical smell. Customers recommend these shoes for occasional wear at events, and not for everyday wear.