A perfect garment for winter days.

Each style of dress is unique and gathers all the particular characteristics of each person. Pantyhose They are an important part of many outfits, since they complement the personality of those women who love to wear a very feminine style. Currently there are pantyhose with designs that fit the season of winter where the priority is to be warm, and here we share 4 different styles for you to use with your favorite skirts or dresses.

1. Garment of black color with waist adjustment

These pantyhose are in a traditional and elegant black color. They are made of lycra and nylon and it has a cut that allows them to cover the entire leg, from the waist to the feet.

You can use them with your favorite dress or a skirt to show off a more youthful and chic style during the winter. Feel like everything a diva with these stockings that will give your look that particular style that you were looking for.

2. Pack of 4 designs mesh pantyhose

Made with nylon and lycra, these pantyhose are super original and resistant. They are black and their design provides a adjustment that completely covers the legs.

They are comfortable and ideal garments to wear your legs With a pair of shorts, shorts, skirts or that dress of casual and elegant cut to attend events such as weddings, parties or simply to take to an outing with friends.

3. Stockings with metallic glitters

These stockings are especially beautiful and with incredible shine that will make you look spectacular wherever you go. They come in various colors and it is made with good quality materials that resist any type of weather.

Pantyhose that are perfect to wear to the New Year’s party and look at any semi-formal gathering. Your fit to waist allows you to show off slimmer and more defined legs.

4. Pantyhose of cotton

Made with a mixture of cotton, polyester and lycra that give it a lot of quality and resistance. They are available at colors like brown and navy that you can combine with any winter outfit you have in your wardrobe.

Your legs will never look as beautiful as these stockings that cover from waist to toe. You can use them with your skirts or favorite dresses and give a more flirtatious touch to your winter look.