One of the tricks most used by celebrities to look slim and splendid in any type of clothing, is to use underwear that reduces the waist and lifts certain parts of the body. Celebrities like Chiquis Rivera Y Kim Kardashian They constantly use special underwear to shape their figure and you can also do it to look regal at all times. In this article I present you the best underwear that can help you look slimmer.

1. “Bodysuit” Miraclesuit

The bodysuit Miraclesuit It is made of nylon and spandex, to provide comfort and support at the same time. With this “bodysuit” you can reduce the waist and lift the bust. The upper part has a mesh to provide support and a wire to keep everything in place. You can use this piece under all kinds of clothing to look slimmer. The “bodysuit” has a cost of $ 55 and it comes in cream and black.

2. Compression shirt Flexees

If you do not want to use a girdle or “bodysuit” you can use one compression shirt to reduce the waist and look slimmer. The Maidenform compression shirt can help you reduce your belly, since it is made of 74% polyamide and 26% elastane.

This compression shirt is a good option to wear under suits or tight shirts, because it has no seams or folds that make it visible. The compression shirt has a cost of $ 27.99 and it has four stars in Amazon.

3. Shaping panty Nebility

You can combine a compression shirt with a shaping pant like Nebility’s for best results. The panty Nebility It can help you to reduce the waist with its high waist and lift the buttocks with the seams on the back.

By having the high waist you can get an hourglass figure, which you can wear with different types of dresses. The shaping panty is made from a blend of fiber and breathable lycra. The cost of the Nebility panty can vary between $ 9.99 to $ 13.89, you can choose between cream and black.

4. Pants Yummie Cleo

Another garment that can help you reduce the lower part of your body to look slimmer are compression shorts. For example, the Yummie Cleo High Waist Shorts molds the thighs, compresses the waist and lifts the buttocks.

The pants Yummie Cleo They have a kind of girdle made of silicone that helps keep everything in place and show a slimmer waist. If you have cellulite on your thighs and you don’t want to be noticed when wearing tight dresses or skirts, you can use these pants. Yummie Cleo pants have a cost of $ 38 and you can buy them in black or cream.

5. Vest Maidenform

Compression vests are very effective in reducing the abdomen and lifting the bust. One of the most popular compression vests in Amazon It’s of MaidenformBecause it is made of a soft and strong lycra that keeps everything in place.

Also the vest helps to maintain a straight posture and to hide the lumps or rolls of the back. Straps are high for added support and comfort. Similarly, by having a U-design the vest lifts the bust and keeps it firm. You can get this vest in black and cream, the price can vary between $ 19.49 to $ 49.00.