We always seek the best for ourselves car, and that’s why we are so obsessed with taking care of the interior and exterior to make it look presentable. To protect the seats from stains, scratches and dust, a protective case it is an excellent option; since they are versatile and you can wash them quickly. That is why this time we present you some options of covers so that you keep the seats of your car in optimal conditions.

1. Classic protectors padded

Made with the highest quality polyester fabric, these covers protect the seats of your car against the wear and tear of daily use, spills and food stains. The set contains 2 covers for the front seats and 5 covers with headrests.

These covers you can wash easilyThey are easy to install and have a design that matches any upholstery.

2. Set of covers with colorful pattern

They are made with materials breathable and comfortable to protect your car seats from daily use. They have a foam padding to make your seats more comfortable and with a different design.

The set has 2 covers for the front seats and 2 padded protectors for the seat belt that will give you a new style to your car and it will look like new.

3 pieces universal for any seat

Regardless of the size of your seats, these covers adapt easily to any style to protect the upholstery from wear and tear resulting from daily use.

It is easy to wash and has 3 different available colours they are black, gray and beige. Its a few protectors of smooth and padded fabric for greater comfort.

4. Non-slip seats with modern design

It is made with a high quality fabric, adapts to any type of seat and has a modern design with a unique, breathable and comfortable embroidery. It also has 2 pockets on the front to store small items.

It is easy to install and protects your car seats from stains, spills and scratches. It has metal hooks which will keep the case in place.