Keep your house always clean with the minimum of effort.

The cleaning At home a fundamental step that we should not overlook, although sometimes it becomes a challenge. However, if we do not keep the house clean, our house can affect health. Germs, bacteria and dust proliferate quickly in dirty and disinfected spaces.

This allows multiple respiratory diseases such as asthma, pneumonia and pneumonia to develop and even develop strong allergies. Also the dirt allows the accumulation of dead skin, sweat, mites and parasites that threaten our health and produce infections that are difficult to treat. There have been cases in which the lack of cleanliness and an environment full of bacteria produces strokes, affects the functioning of the kidneys, increases blood pressure and makes us more vulnerable to lung cancer. All this is due to the contaminated particles that we constantly breathe and begin to lodge in our respiratory system and bloodstream.

Our home is the place where we spend most of our time and it welcomes us to rest after a long day. All the spaces that make it up are important and we must dedicate a certain time of cleaning to avoid risks in our health. Among these spaces is the kitchen, because it is where food is prepared. If we do not clean it, bacteria can cause infections such as salmonella. Rooms and living room, due to poor air flow, are more prone to dust mites, mold, and pet hair storage. Bathrooms are a space full of humidity and due to their temperature, bacteria and parasites grow much faster.

Create good habits cleaning it generates benefits for our psychological and physical health. It helps us increase creativity, maintain better organization, save time, reduce stress, regulate pests, bacteria, germs and fungi, and we are also less prone to allergies and respiratory diseases. We will be able to enjoy a healthier and more harmonious life. In addition, your home will become a more welcoming place and your family and friends will feel more comfortable and comfortable when visiting it.

If you feel that cleaning is a very complicated task and sometimes we become slaves, over time tools have been developed that support us during this process and make this activity much easier and faster. The vacuum cleaners They are an electric tool that helps us vacuum dust and different dirt particles.

Currently, other types of vacuum cleaners have been innovated, which go hand in hand with technological advances and are smart vacuum cleaners or robot vacuum cleaners. They are very easy to use and automatically clean your home deeply without the need of a finger, because they are controlled from your smartph If you want to acquire this new technological invention, below we will show you 4 different robotic vacuums that will lend you a hand to keep your home impeccable and free of dirt.

1. iRobot Roomba 675

This is a vacuum cleaner developed with an intelligent cleaning schedule that works up to 90 minutes and automatically recharges. It has a double brush and three types of intensity that can be controlled from your phone or with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant through a WiFi connection. Deeply sucks in dust, removes debris of different sizes regardless of surface. It also has an intelligent sensor that detects dirt and an ergonomic design that adapts to different spaces allowing it to reach the most difficult areas. It will keep your floors and carpets without a trace of dirt.

Is very safe for children and pets therefore you will not have to worry about an accident. With this vacuum cleaner they will perform multiple activities without interrupting them because they have to go to clean. Your house will look impeccable all the time.

2. Ecovacs Deebot 500

Ecovacs is a brand that is characterized by creating excellent appliances and this time brings you Deebot 500. It is a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with two side brushes, a main brush and a storage of 520 ml. In addition, its creators have developed an application that can be installed on your phone and allows you to program, adjust its power and choose one of the three cleaning modes. Their 3 cleaning modes they are: automatic mode that cleans the entire floor; a spot mode that cleans small areas; and an edge mode that is dedicated to the most difficult areas of the surfaces. It is compatible with different devices and can be connected with virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

It will effectively clean your home for 110 minutes and once its battery is depleted Deboot 500 will automatically return to its charging point. It also has a super tough design Able to withstand scratches, bumps and falls so it will last you much longer than expected.

3. Pureatic V2 Pro

This vacuum cleaner stands out for its great power when it comes to removing dirt. It easily adapts to different types of surfaces including carpets and hard floors. Its battery can be used during 100 minutes. It has been designed with a shock resistant cover that provides protection to your interior. It also has 4 cleaning modes that are programmed from your phone through a WiFi connection.

You will prevent the spread of bacteria in your home and office. This tool will make cleaning your home a simpler and more comfortable activity. It is super small so it will not hinder you and it is also silent, you won’t notice when I’m working.

4. iRobot Roomba 960

This is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners in this selection. It has an intelligent cleaning system that creates a map of the house of the entire surface, with this you will achieve better results and will be able to clean even the most hidden places. Its double-sided rubber brushes with filters are adjust to floors and carpets easily.

If we have pets in our homes and they are constantly shedding hair anywhere, it becomes a very uncomfortable situation. This is why this is a device developed for catch the hairs of our pet ground. It will leave your house impeccable and free of germs and bacteria.