Rest in comfort and comfort thanks to these pillows.

The low back pain It is one of the most common pains that people usually suffer along with toothaches and ear pain; and unlike the rest, it is able to affect the daily routine for a longer period of time. This is why we must avoid it at all costs. There are many causes attributed to it, but the most common are usually the sweight overload and poor movement.

When we have low back pain, the first thing we must do is identify in which area and at what time it is felt, and that is that depending on its location we can know the cause and with it the most indicated treatment. The pains that usually occur can be of four types, which are identified in this way:

  • When you can’t move: In this case, a stretch of the muscles or ligaments was produced either by a sudden movement or by having lifted a lot of weight.
  • When you can’t sit: It can be a lumbar osteoarthritis, which is a product of the thinning of the lumbar intervertebral discs, which in addition to causing inflammation in the lower back, can also lead to sciatica.
  • When the pain reaches your buttock and the part that is behind the thigh: here the pain can be felt on both the left and right sides, affecting only one leg and reaching down from the lower back to the buttock, going through the leg and behind until ending in the foot and causing other symptoms in addition to pain, such as tingling or weakness.
  • When you walk or move: It may be due to a spondylolisthesis, which is nothing more than a displacement of lumbar vertebrae that can compress a nerve root.

Taking into account the different types of pain that may occur, it is necessary to consider the possibility of other possible causes, among which are stress, kidney problems, rheumatism, osteoporosis, liver problems, psoriatic arthritis, tumors, etc. ., so it never hurts to have a medical check-up to avoid a greater evil.

Complementing the above, given that we spend much of the day lying down, the posture we adopt when sleeping and the type of bed in which we lie down will greatly influence the generation or not of pain in the back. Therefore, the best position to relax the back is the one in which we sleep on our sides, as long as we keep our legs bent with a cushion between them.

As you can see, there are endless causes that cause low back pain, therefore It is not enough to avoid carrying heavy objects and be careful when we move. It is necessary to adopt healthy habits that improve our quality of life. Among the habits that we must adopt we have: leaving sedentary lifestyle aside, spreading the load of heavy objects, sleeping on our sides, bending down correctly, wearing more flat shoes, walking straight, having a chair with a backrest when we work, etc.

If we currently have pain and do not know how to calm it or speed recovery, it is enough that we apply any of these methods: rest for a maximum of three days, apply cold and heat compresses, perform a massage, take a painkiller or anti over-the-counter inflammatory and use one of the four triangular pillows that we are going to recommend below.

The triangular pillows They will not only relieve you of pain, they will also help you in your recovery process by promoting its speed and providing you with maximum comfort, so that you can carry out small tasks while lying in bed or on your living room furniture, and in this way you will not You will delay both work or housework.

1. Triangular cotton pillow for back pain

The pillow has a design that adapts correctly to the three different types of body in terms of whether it is slimmer, less muscular and with a tendency to gain weight. Provides back and leg support generating the sufficient pressure of load that will not be deformed during the prolonged use that is given.

Not only improve the blood circulation of your heart and your breathing problems, it also helps you reduce pressure on your spinal cord and back pain. It can be used by pregnant women, the elderly, tumor patients, the disabled, and more; so the whole family can use it.

2. Triangular foam pillow breathable and foldable

Foldable, breathable and with 360 ° angle, the triangular pillow allows you to support your back, head and even legs, whether you are sitting, lying down or sleeping.

Its use allows you to obtain a healthier posture, a reduction in neck pain and an improvement in the quality of sleep while keeping your legs elevated. Too reduces snoring and heartburn.

3. Triangular pillow that adapts to the body

This triangular pillow has a design that adapts to the shape of your body, allowing you to maximize the degree of comfort. It can be used to recline the head while sleeping or watching TV, as well as to elevate the legs and to lean on during pregnancy.

With it you will be able to reduce snoring, relieve neck and back pain, relieve acid reflux, decrease allergies and breathing problems, and much more. It can be used by used by various family members, from the youngest to the oldest.

4. Triangular pillow great flexibility

his Ergonomic design And its manufacturing material gives it flexibility that adapts to the pressure points of the body, resulting in an even weight distribution.

It will relieve you of headache, back pain, neck pain and other other discomforts. On the other hand, its angle of inclination prevents you from slipping. You can also put it under your legs to ease the fatigue of the day and enjoy a day of relaxation.

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