Our hair is an element that, in addition to giving a frame to our face, has the possibility of define and highlight our style. In this way, having a well-groomed and healthy hair It is essential, as well as wearing it with a well done hairstyle and a well-groomed appearance. To get all this, you don’t have to go to a salon, if you have the suitable ironing brushes your hair and leave it without frizz, you will always look fabulous.

1. Smoothing brush Diane

It is a hair straightener with a built-in brush, made with soft nylon bristles and specially designed for smoothing and leave the hair silky, soft and shiny.

Allows you to achieve a smooth, frizz-free finish. You just have to divide your hair into sections, then you take one of these small sections and brush it while applying heat with the dryer.

2. Special comb for straightening


This is a high quality ergonomic hair straightener and is specially developed for a professional hairdressing finish and durability. Wild boar bristles integrate and smooth hair.

It has a double head, with which you get an easy way to achieve perfect style and straight hair. Additionally, it helps to make your hair softer and with a natural appearance.

3. Comb Professional anti static

It is a professional straightening comb for hair. It is designed with a lid handle with spring hinge that keeps the hair in place and with the desired style. The ergonomic handle offers maximum grip comfort.

Its superior resistance distributes the heat from the dryer and the air flow throughout your hair for faster drying. It is heat resistant and antistatic, an ideal option to take care of your style on a daily basis.

4. Comb Double Sided for straightening


This double-sided brush has been specially designed so that the bristles conduct heat. It has a antistatic pad rubber, for greater grip and control.

It is an easy way to achieve the desired style, while straightening your hair and leaving it free of frizz. A hygienic and durable option, to have a salon appearance every day.