Show off healthy colored hair.

Sulfate-free masks are not abrasive to hair and do not colorfast. Sulfate is an ingredient that tends to dry out the hair a lot, plus the dye, it dries and mistreats your hair even more. These masks for colored hair help to care for and preserve your color for longer, filling with nutrients and vitamins. It can be applied to any type of hair and must be applied at least once or twice a week.

1. Arvazallia: proteins and fatty acids that restructure your hair

This sulfate-free mask contains rich fatty oils that infuse into your hair to repair it in depth. Contains Aloe Vera, Wheat Protein, Macadamia Oil, and Argan. It helps prevent your dye from fading, but it does protect hair from chemicals and protect from ingredients that remove natural keratin from your hair. Thanks to its proteins it prevents breakage, gives it softness and rejuvenates the hair.

If you have damaged and very dry hair, you can use it as a night treatment to repair hair. Do not apply to the scalp only from the middle to the ends and rinse.

2. Amplixin: stimulates hair growth and fills it with nutrients

This mask for damaged hair is ideal if your hair is not moving, it is dry and you have dyed it several times in the same year. It is a sulfate-free mask that mainly contains argan and coconut oil to infuse its nutrients into your dry hair. It gives it softness, shine and helps it grow hair, for having saw palmetto and caffeine.

Prevents hair from breaking and with this do not have split ends and do not weaken. Apply once or twice a week, remember to use a sulfate-free shampoo to have a complete treatment.

3. Pure Body Naturals: improves hair follicle and improves cell production

If you notice very weak, frizzy hair that is falling out more than normal, this sulfate-free mask filled with coconut oil and shea butter will be a great tool. It takes care of being a mask for damaged hair that improves the hair follicle, conditions it, gives it shine and improves its structure. It is free of abrasive ingredients that can damage or wash your colored hair.

It is a mask that improves cell production to have a scalp and with this obtain healthy hair. Try to wash with warm water, so as not to mistreat the hair.

4 .Botanic Hearth: take care of the color and hair so that it is not mistreated

For blonde and platinum hair, this is a sulfate-free mask that helps care for hair color and it doesn’t turn yellowish. Take care of color, but also helps revitalize hair, Give nutrients and movement to any damaged hair. Contains coconut oil, aloe vera, collagen, keratin, green tea, and silk protein to repair colored hair.

Ideally, what apply before showering for about 45 minutes and then rinse it. This will help it penetrate more into your hair and recover 100%.