The teas to cleanse the liver are responsible for purifying, detoxifying and cleaning your body without being aggressive with your stomach. We look for options that are caffeine free so you can consume them at any time of the day. These teas will help prevent inflammation, so you can go to the bathroom better and your defenses can go up. Consume hot or as a cold drink to refresh.

1. Tea with papaya, quinceacea, jamaica and mint: purify and improve your metabolism

This liver cleanse tea contains ingredients such as papaya, ginger, mint, echinacea, rose hip, hibiscus and chamomile together work and help improve metabolism, eliminate what your body does not need, improves digestion, is a diuretic and raise your defenses. It will help you not feel bloated. Its flavor is very rich fruit to enjoy in the afternoon.

Ideal for ceat after a meal very heavy or a dinner full of fats. Even before the menstrual period that you may feel with fluid retention, this tea will help you feel lighter.

2. Horsetail tea: natural diuretic that cares for the urinary tract

Horsetail tea helps a lot to avoid fluid retention, it helps to improve the health of the urinary tract thanks to this, you can eliminate and purify your body. It is a high antioxidant that can help to improve hair growth because increases collagen in your skin. It is a tea that cleanses the liver free of caffeine and free of calories. Horsetail tea is a diuretic so if you can urinate more, remember to stay hydrated.

Horsetail tea is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. If you have a doubt do not forget to consult your doctor. You may drink a cup daily, before sleep.

3. Lemon ginger tea: natural anti-inflammatory that helps you feel full and cleanse your liver

Ginger is an ingredient with thousands of benefits. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and pain reliever. Many people recommend consuming hot water with lemon and ginger, this It will help you feel satisfied, improve your metabolism, take care of stomach acids and purify. This tea of ​​ginger and lemon can be consumed on an empty stomach, at breakfast or at dinner. It is calorie free and they add probiotics to further care for your stomach.

Avoid adding sugar, since the ideal is to consume these ingredients purely to absorb all its nutrients. This box has 18 bags and is a 6 pack so you can save a few bucks.

4. Moringa tea: helps lose weight and prevents you from retaining fluids

Moringa tea helps improve your digestion so that the food you eat can better absorb its nutrients and prevent fat from accumulating. With this, it prevents constipation, inflammation and excess gases. prevents you from retaining liquids. You can eliminate what your body does not need, it is used to lose weight. This moringa tea combines it with rooibos, which is an antioxidant, digestive and diuretic.

In combination this moringa tea with rooibos certainly helps to cleanse your liver and give your body a detox. It is caffeine free and do not hesitate to consume it when you feel very satisfied.