Relieve gastritis with natural teas.

The symptoms of gastritis are reflux, burning in the pit of the stomach, inflammation, nausea, among others. If you are looking for a natural remedy for gastritis, there are certain teas that will help calm symptoms, pain and irritation. It is important that while you have gastritis you limit your consumption of alcohol, fats and even soft drinks.

1. White tea: eliminates the pain of gastritis by being a natural antibiotic

What white tea does is that it helps to eliminate that inflammation that can orcolitis and gastritis. It helps that when you consume fatty foods the digestive system can digest them much better. It is also a natural antibiotic that can ease pain and even gas.

White tea is an antioxidant that will help strengthen your immune system to prevent disease. Also this tea for gastritis will help relieve inflammation. White tea contains caffeine so avoid consuming it too late.

2. Chamomile tea: is a scar for the gastric mucosa

An excellent tea for gastritis is chamomile, what it does is it helps to reduce digestive inflammation and relieve pain. It also acts as a scar for the gastric mucosa, because when you have gastritis a wound can occur and chamomile tea helps to heal.

This tea for gastritis will help improve digestion and prevent stomach pains, burning and prevent gas. The best option is to take it warm so you feel a quick relief.

3. Pomegranate tea: calms the burning of the pit of the stomach and prevents infections

Pomegranate is an excellent for when you have urinary and even vaginal infections. Pomegranate tea helps gastritis to control the mucosa of the digestive tract and that that burning decreases. This gastritis tea can prevent urinary tract infections, improve digestion, and cleanse the kidneys and liver. Furthermore, it is a high antioxidant for the skin.

If you feel a lot of burning in the stomach, drink this cold gastritis tea that will be very calm, because acts as a natural lubricant.

4. Ginger tea: decrease inflammation caused by colitis and gastritis

Ginger helps decrease inflammation and more if you have colitis. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that can even help muscle pain. Ginger tea can help to reduce the production of acids in the stomach and calms pain and irritation. If you have digestive problems, ginger helps food metabolism much better.

In addition to being a tea for gastritis, help raise your defenses and it is perfect for when you are sick with a cold, since it decongests your nose, so you can sleep better.