A tool to complement your oral health

A tongue scraper It is a tool that is used to eliminate bacteria that grow on the tongue. They have different shapes and sizes that allow the surface to be thoroughly cleaned and thus, together with brushing the teeth, achieve better oral hygiene. Most bacteria in the mouth accumulate on the tongue, so it is necessary to be careful when cleaning it. Thinking about this, we show you some options scrapers yet excellent price.

1. Cleaner with traveling cover


This is a set of two tools that include their own travel cases, so you can use one daily and the other take it with you when you are away from home. They have been made with stainless steel Top grade and its smooth surface prevents scratches.

Its design has a optimal length that allows you to fully clean your entire tongue. Ideal for removing plaque, bad breath and promoting a better hygiene habit.

2. Tool with head extra wide


It is a set of two scrapers that are made of soft stainless steel and maximum resistance. Its extra wide scraping head maximizes scraping power.

It is considered as one of the best remedies to treat bad breath available today. It is very easy and fast to use and its design guarantees you a tongue free of bacteria.

3. Scraper language high quality


Is made of environmental material High quality BPA free, durable, safe, healthy and odorless. The set consists of four pieces and a practical travel case where you can load all of them.

The tongue cleaner helps complement the care of your mouth, which contributes to a better oral hygiene usually. Helps remove all the dirt and bacteria that build up on your tongue to ensure fresher breath.

4. Cleaner stainless steel


It has been designed with a curved line which makes it ideal to manipulate only with the thumb. A durable, anti-rust tool with a smooth surface that won’t hurt your tongue.

It takes care of cleaning your tongue in seconds. This tool will leave all your language free of plaque and bacteria they are responsible for causing bad breath.