For a more efficient oral cleaning.

The bacteria found in the teeth are capable of causing very serious damage to all the dental enamel and causing malformations such as cavities. By saving our toothbrush inside the bathroom, it is more than evident that it is exposed to all the microorganisms that can be found in this room. Luckily there is a way to make our toothbrushes cleaner, and below we share with you four of the best sterilizers for toothbrushes.

1. Toothbrush sterilizer with UV light

A cordless sterilizer that takes up little space. The device sterilizes the brushes with a LED-UVC light system and photocatalyst that eliminates even the 99.99% of the bacteria found between the sows. Its internal battery can be charged with natural or artificial light.

Comes with an integrated toothpaste adapter so you have everything on hand and of course well sterilized. Remember that the dental health of you and your family is extremely important to have a healthy life.

2. Brush with sleeve antibacterial

This brush includes a portable UV cleaner that has the function of eliminating the bacteria that accumulates in the brush and thus preventing the emergence of diseases. It has built-in UV bulbs that are very efficient and do not need to be replaced.

The UV Toothbrush Cleaner fits all toothbrush designs and is fully portable, so you can take it on your trips, to the office and any other place where you are.

3. Sterilizer rechargeable wireless

It is a UV-C lamp that destroys bacteria and any microorganisms that are hidden between the bristles of the brush. It has a system of auto power off once the sterilization time has ended. The advanced lithium battery allows 12 sterilization cycles.

It is a safe device to use on adult and children’s toothbrushes and it has a very original design that will go perfectly with the rest of the bathroom decoration. Keep the hygiene daily from your mouth with a properly sterilized tool.

4. Toothbrush with disinfectant

This portable toothbrush is made with advanced technology that includes a bacteria protector that automatically sterilizes the brush. The light sterilization process of this device is 3,600 times more efficient than with a common lamp.

The sterilizer adapts to any type of toothbrushes including electric ones. Enjoy one more mouth healthy With this compact size sterilizer, very comfortable to take with you when you are away from home.