Are you one of the people who find it hard to get the energy to exercise? You are not the only person! There are many people, especially those who are overweight, that just thinking about doing exercises already makes you suffer. For those, there are several exercise equipment that allow you to start an exercise routine, but without much effort. One of those teams is the trampoline,

The trampoline It is an indispensable piece to exercise and maintain good health, since it moves your whole body, eliminates toxins, regulates circulation and oxygenates the cells, all this without much effort.

Likewise, you can reduce stress while you move to the rhythm of the music, making it a good option to combat sedentary lifestyle. Here we present a series of models that will allow you to make exercises low impact using your own weight to build muscle and burn calories.

1. Trampoline fitness:


This fitness trampoline comes with an elastic cover and a balance beam to control jumps and focus aerobic exercises. The surface is UV resistant and has a 44 inch diameter. Supports a load of up to 286 lbs.

It guarantees you protection while you jump thanks to its non-slip surface and resistant. It also has a foldable design for easy storage and transport.

2. Trampoline folding:

This trampoline has a diameter of 36 inches and supports a weight of up to 250 pounds. It is built with a steel frame and six detachable legs with rubber tip so that it remains fixed in place.

The bouncing surface it has 30 tension bands and each measures 2 inches wide for added strength and security. Its design can be folded so you can take it anywhere.

3. Trampoline with bowed legs:

This trampoline has a platform with a diameter of 39 inches, arched legs that provide greater security and mat that provides 882 square inches of rebound. Includes basic exercise DVDs.

It is perfect for you to enjoy a wide training surface, back to front and side to side. In addition, it offers an elegant design with its black frame and compact storage.

4. Trampoline with professional kit:

This standard size trampoline is designed with resistant bands, coil springs and double cross stitching for greater quiet rebound.

It is a folding model so you can move it and store it comfortably without taking up much space. Package includes DVD, weights, bands and bag with bars, which guarantees that you obtain the desired results in flexibility, toning and conditioning from the comfort of your home.