A natural ingredient that will help you have shiny and healthy hair.

The hair It is one of the parts of the body that characterize the personality and image of a woman, that is why many dedicate a great effort to take care of it. The macadamia nutIt is an ideal ingredient to strengthen and hydrate the hair fibers while giving it a healthier and more voluminous appearance. If you are looking for treatments that have all the benefits of this walnut, here we present 4 perfect options for you.

1. Repair mask deep

If you want deep hydration for your hair, then this product is the one for you. A professional quality mask perfect for treating dry and frizzy hair, as its patented formula rebuild each strand of the scalp.

Carrying this mask with you mainly made with macadamia nut, you will get hair with a very healthy appearance and with an intense shine.

2. Treatment with healing oil

This treatment with healing properties thanks to macadamia oil, is instantly absorbed by the hair and leather. Its natural components help create a protective shield against UV rays and eliminate frizz.

All these ingredients are ideal to give your hair the humidity, health and softness they deserve. A treatment that allows you to maintain a protected scalp with a healthy shine.

3. Professional conditioner for dyed hair

A professional quality conditioner made from macadamia nut It is ideal for repairing hair damaged by chemicals or subjected to extreme heat treatments. It is reinforced with components such as argan oil that strengthen hair.

A formula rich in collagen and amino acids that will leave you with beautiful hair that will perfectly complement your look. It includes an application system so that you place exactly the necessary amount of product in each area.

4. Revitalizer with macadamia nuts

An intensive treatment reinforced with organic argan oil, macadamia nuts, fatty acids and vitamins of the Omega 3, 5 and 7 complex. A product that revitalizes the damaged hair, dry or damaged by chemical or heat treatments.

If you have colored hair, this product is perfect for repair strands damaged and restore their natural vitality, so you can enjoy a shiny and very healthy mane.