To make you look fabulous this season.

During the winter It is very important to wear clothing that allows us to keep our bodies covered and sheltered from the cold. A basic garment that is quite practical for this purpose is the jerseys, especially those with high necks, since they allow you to stay well sheltered. For this reason, this time we show you some options available at an excellent price.

1. Jersey basic of cotton


It has been made with a very short and dense lint fabric. Its softness is pleasant to the skin and at the same time it is a comfortable, breathable garment, with good performance and perfect for conserve heat.

Its design has a clasp closure at the top of the neck with a folding and classic design. The layer elastic thermal Provides a comfortable fit that makes it perfect for everyday wear.

2. Sweater with collar tortoise


It is a classic design sweater with a high neck that is made with cotton excellent quality. Every detail of this garment is specially thought to guarantee quality, fit and comfort.

Perfect for use it alone or in conjunction with an attractive jacket and coat. A choice that can easily withstand daily wear and tear and is very easy to combine with pants, jeans and even skirts.

3. Thick point and long sleeve


It is thick enough to maintain internal body temperature in both fall and winter. Its simple design is timeless, so it can hardly go out of style.

Its size makes it cozy while the material it is made of makes it very soft in contact with the skin. It is a garment that easily adapts to any occasion.

4. Piece with hem crossed

This jersey is made with a material of high quality and its design adds a bit of flexibility for a better fit. Its design is drop shoulder, it adapts easily to the silhouette and it has a length that reaches the waist.

It is an ideal garment to wear a casual style that you can take to the office, shopping, food with friends or to any informal meeting.

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