The remote controls Universal are devices designed to make life easier because they allow you to control the functions of a television or any other electronic device. Their adaptability and how easy it is to use have made them an essential tool in any home. If you are in search of one, here we present four options that adapt to your needs.

1. Knob to control devices audio and video

One device that works with two AA batteries. Your system is compatible with devices such as DVDs, DVRs, Blu-ray players, and televisions. It is available in silver, rose gold, brown, gray and black colors.

It is compatible with different brands and its ergonomic design makes its control panel very easy to handle. You can also use it regardless of the distance you are from the device.

2. Device for televisions Samsung

It is a universal control specially designed to adapt to any brand television Samsung including Smart TVs. Its advanced technology makes your programming General suits the settings of any TV of this brand.

It is one of the easiest controls to use. It only requires 2 AAA batteries and you can automatically control all the televisions in your home without problems. It is a tool of high quality to accompany you for a long time.

3. Remote control with backlit buttons

It is a device that has keys with led lights which make it much easier to use in low light spaces. This latest generation tool allows you to control up to 4 different devices.

Its system makes it compatible with multiple brands and you can adapt it to the electronic device of your preference. It is available in 3 vibrant colors so you can choose the one you like the most.

4. Universal control with led screen

This universal control includes its own smartphone application. It has been created with an LED screen and a programming capable of connecting up to 15 different devices. Their big buttons make it really very easy to use.

Unlike other universal controls, this one has the ability to program itself automatically to fit any device. It will help you have one more house organized.