In changes of seasons or in times of high stress they can lower your defenses and with this cause diseases and make you feel tired, irritable and wanting to sleep. It is important to consume vitamins that raise the defenses before cold weather, because it can raise your defenses and protect your immune system. So prepare to avoid allergies, raise your defenses and prevent diseases.

1. Vitamin C: the vitamin that prevents flu, colds and increases collagen

Vitamin C is the king of vitamins, because it protects your immune system. It is recommended that it be consumed in previous months, because if you already have the flu or are sick, it will not help much. This vitamin C has probiotics which will help prevent urinary, and vaginal infections. By consuming vitamin C a few months before the cold season, when the defenses drop, it prevents respiratory diseases.

Vitamin C raises defenses, but it can be strong for certain people, but having probiotics helps it not be so abrasive to the stomach. It has 60 capsules that It will serve you for 2 months of protection.

2. Lion mane mushrooms: a natural antioxidant that protects the immune system

Mushrooms are an excellent supplement to take care of your immune system and that your defenses do not drop in times of cold or times of high stress. One of the advantages of the Lion Mushroom or lion’s mane in Spanish, is that it helps protect your immune system, reduces inflammation and is an excellent antioxidant.

It is a natural antioxidant supplement, perfect if you are looking for a more natural alternative. It is recommended consume 3 capsules daily, If you feel it is a very strong dose, start the first few weeks, with just one capsule.

3. Herbal ingredients: boost defenses and prevent respiratory allergies

There is vitamins What increases the defenses, this vitamin has plant extracts that helps take care of the immune system, improves the production of white blood cells and prevents allergies, related to the respiratory tract, from developing. Have herbal ingredients like echinacea, andrographis paniculata, arabinogalactans, among others.

You can consume it before, after or if you are sick with the flu, It raises your defenses and will help you feel much better. If you have a few weeks with a lot of stress, it is perfect so that your body does not weaken.

4. Zinc and copper: boost your defenses, improve your mood and give you more energy

Zinc and copper are supplements that raise defenses and take care of the immune system. Another of its benefits is that it improves mood, gives you more energy, balances hormones in women and in men, gives optimal prostate health. Likewise Helps to improve the appearance of the skin. If you want to raise your defenses and avoid allergies, consume this supplement regularly.

If you have a lot of stress, will help you relax and improve your energy throughout the day. It is an excellent supplement for men and women. Contains 60 capsules, after you finish rest one or two months and continue with this or any other supplement.