Avoid dry skin.

Weather, age, hormonal changes and more can make your skin very dry. Sometimes although a moisturizer can help, you need a few vitamins to give strength and nutrients to the skin from the inside. These are the alternatives of vitamins for the skin, which in addition to eliminating dryness, takes care of wrinkles, improves collagen production and more.

1. Vitamin C: an antioxidant and stimulates the production of collagen

An indispensable vitamin for the skin is vitamin C. It helps the production of collagen in the body, improves elasticity, smooths the skin and deeply moisturizes it. Vitamin C can prevent wrinkles and that your skin ages quickly.

In addition to being a vitamin for the skin, it increases your defenses and protects the immune system. Vitamin C, can remove stains, Well, take care of your skin from free radicals.

2. Vitamin E: nourishes the skin and leaves it smooth without dryness

Another vitamin for dry skin is E, because regenerates cells, prevents wrinkles, is an antioxidant helps nourish the skin so that it is smooth and free of dryness. Vitamin E for the skin helps it to be protected from free radicals, but it is not a substitute for the use of sunscreen.

With age, genetics and hormonal problems, it is common for the skin to become dry, so it consumes vitamin E every day in the morning. You can also use the vitamins E gel and apply them to the skin and face.

3. Vitamin A: helps cell renewal and improves skin health

Vitamin A is a regenerator that helps heal skin scars and smooth the skin. If you have very dry, dehydrated skin and even with problems such as: psoriasis, eczema and acne It is ideal to heal the skin. Vitamin A can be found in serums, which is retinol, but it should be used in low percentages at the beginning; it is very strong.

This vitamin for dry skin, helps cell renewal that in a few weeks you will notice how your skin is different This presentation has 60 capsules that will serve you for 2 months of treatment.

4. Vitamin B: nourishes the skin preventing premature aging

An excellent vitamin for dry skin is vitamin B. It is responsible for nourishing the skin, it can eliminate redness on the face and skin and it can even regulate the sebaceous glands. Vitamin B cares for your skin from premature aging and from free radical damage.

Other benefits of vitamin B, is that it helps the nervous and digestive system, makes the food you eat become energy and your body is protected from infections. This vitamin B is the entire vitamin complex.