4 waterproof covers for under $ 30 to use when you have a cast

A tool to keep your cast away from moisture.

A cast It is a treatment used to help bone restructure after a condition or fracture. This treatment allows the area to be immobile while the affected area begins its recovery process. These types of treatments are very uncomfortable, especially since the plaster must be kept free of moisture and away from contact with water. Thinking about this, we show you some waterproof covers to keep your cast dry while you shower.

1. Protective case armrest for bathtub


It is made with a safe material even for people allergic to latex. Its design is flexible, comfortable and compact so it can adapt to any style of shower or bathtub. It is designed with enough space to allow free movement.

This waterproof cover protects your injured part from direct contact with water. Its compact shape makes it very useful not only for bath time, it is also perfect for going to the beach, swimming pools or any other activity that involves water. It is a totally reusable piece, durable and thick.

2. Waterproof boot for leg


The cover is made of sturdy vinyl that allows it to be used for approximately between 6 and 8 weeks. Easily stretches to perfectly fit the size of the cast and legs.

It is a very easy accessory to put on, you just have to slide it gently on your foot until the stamp make contact with the skin. Ideal for protecting your plaster from the elements, the bathroom and the shower.

3. Protective moisture for leg


It is made with a hermetic sealing material made of an elastic neoprene fabric, this guarantees a better elasticity which helps your seal fit snugly and comfortably in the affected area.

This is a waterproof cover designed without a retaining ring, the high elastic opening holes makes it possible for you place and remove easily.

4. Sheath raincoat for arm


It is a 100% waterproof protector that is equipped with two green plastic rings that guarantee a seal that does not hurt the skin. The best option to maintain dry plasters and clean while you bathe, shower, go to the pool or share near the sea.

Your material elastic silicone feels comfortable in direct contact with the skin. It has a design that exerts less tension and prevents pain from hardening, this is very beneficial since it allows the free flow of blood in the affected area.